Why NOW Is The Best Time To Repaint Your Business 

Designers, sitting in at a large table in a creative environment and office, surrounded by tack boards with drawings, plants and a repainted bright yellow wall

At this point, many offices won’t have their personnel return anytime soon. There’s a significant number of businesses keeping employees at home until there’s a COVID vaccination. If that’s the case, it could be until next year that you head into the offices again with a full staff, and that’s okay! Right now is the time to repaint your office aesthetic and revamp how it looks visually, from each room’s color to the way everything is set up.

When thinking about repainting during a typical business week, it seems impossible. Now, you can make your business feel fresh and recharge your staff when they come back. There are a few things to think about when looking to repaint your business. 

Why Should I Repaint The Office?

Staying away from work has its pros and cons. Staying away for a significant amount of time only to go back to see the same thing again can cause tenured employees to feel disappointed. For new employees, it could feel fresh, but only for a moment. By surprising the team with new colored walls, energized spectrums can make each room feel modern and unique.

Having your tenured staff be surprised with a contemporary aesthetic will make your new employees feel even more excited to be there as well. So, maybe it’s time to take the opportunity to give back to your team and make them feel excited to go back after this long haul. You may never get this kind of opportunity to do so again. 

What Colors Should I Repaint The Rooms?

This all depends on how your office is structured. What you can do is see what you use each room for in your office. Colors make a significant difference in employee’s moods and work efficiency. Try to focus on how to utilize that aspect and get your office ready for productivity.

When picking a color for the office, one thing to remember is what part of that color spectrum you will use. Too dark, and it can create an eerie unpleasant mood, and too bright may feel too blinding and keep your employee’s heads down. Think about the right balance for your environment and go from there.


Blue is a stimulating color that leads to more productivity. When in a repetitive work environment, like an accounting firm, for example, it can help employees (and clients) maintain focus.


Red is meant for urgency and creating high energy. It’s intended for attention-grabbing and can even cause some stress in a low energy environment. 


Green brings balance and life into a room. It’s a calming color that can bring some peace or be on the opposite end of the green spectrum and be a bit blinding. 


One of the most vibrant colors, yellow, has two sides to the coin. It’s ideal for creative industries and can bring about happiness and give a collective feeling, but it’s also one of the most hated colors in the spectrum. 


Combination colors are, at times, the best of both worlds. Teal combines blue and green, which can help stimulate the mind and fuel creativity. The best thing about teal is you can’t go wrong with how light or dark of a shade you pick.


Granted, this might stand out the most out of all the colors, but again the combination of blue and red can do great things. Mixing the productivity of blue and stimulating power reds can bring amazing energy into the room. 

Consider Your Logo 

One big thing to remember is what your company stands for, which is more than likely reflected within your logo. What colors are you using for your logo? How can you pull those colors to create an exciting and productive enriching experience for your company? If you want your office and staff to really represent your brand, then use these colors in the office strategically.

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