When To Repaint Exterior And Interior Offices 

office building getting a repaint job interior and exterior

If you’re looking to make the most of your New Year, maybe it’s time to consider when you last had the office painted. Refreshing both the interior and exterior of your office can do more than add to the aesthetic. You can also keep track of the health of your building during the repainting. There are some essential health aspects that you may not have considered in the past. Not only that, it can have a lasting effect on your staff and customers. So, when should you repaint? What should you look for? We hope to make the picture a bit clearer for you when it comes down to making these choices. 

A Repaint Is Cost-Effective In The Long Run

We know first hand how easy it can seem to look past your exterior paint job. After all, you most likely spend 95 percent of your time inside the building and not outside. 

However, if you want a cost-effective way to increase your business traffic, a new paint job may do the trick. When thinking about landscaping, maintenance, and everything you may invest monthly or weekly into your property, paint should land on that list. New paint can attract customers and potential employees to your business. So, maybe it’s time to cover up that late 70’s paint job and refresh it for both you, your staff, and your customers. 

Repaint = Rebranding 

A new exterior can also give you the opportunity to rebrand your company. You don’t need to create a new name and purpose. However, even matching a new color scheme, creating a new logo or font for your business can do wonders. If your company has considered implementing new eco-friendly aspects into your business, then this can give you the perfect opportunity to do so. Maybe 2021 will mean a completely different outlook on your company’s values and processes. 

Old Building, New Rules 

In some more uncommon cases these days, there’s still the chance that your building was constructed before 1978. Buildings back then had lead paint on the walls. Any type of new renovation, repair, or painting task could release these hazardous chemicals into the air. Lead dust can do damage to the health of your staff and customers if this has not already been taken care of previously. This will also help maintain your building market value if you’re planning to ever move or expand out of these offices. A building’s curbside appeal goes a long way, especially when trying to get the attention of potential buyers. 

Peeling Cracking Paint 

Another obvious sign of a paint job in desperate need – peeling and cracking paint. This goes for both interior and exterior paint. No customer or client enjoys seeing paint peeling off the walls. On your exterior, it could often occur due to environmental aspects. Things to consider that can do damage could come from humidity and thunderstorms in your area. Paint can typically withstand these factors for about five to seven years. However, some materials may not last that long.

Think about your doors, railings, signs, and so on. Your interior may just have either bad paint or very old paint that can cause peeling and cracking. If you had any sort of water damage in your building, then you’re more likely to see damage around that area. 

Getting Repairs Done

While you’re thinking about a new paint job, it’s also the perfect time to get any other work done. Doing a lookover of your piping or any other upgrades that can result in damaging walls or ceilings will actually benefit you. Instead of having a worker patch up the wall with an off-color, just leave it. Get any repairs done, and then start up the new paint job. This will make it easier and better for you in the long run. If you’re going to refresh your building, you might as well go all the way. 

Fewer People In The Office

 With the current times, it’s never been easier to take care of your interior offices. Many businesses have the majority of their staff working from home, and that’s perfect for repainting. Having less daily traffic means that painters can work more efficiently and be able to worry less about bumping into local staff. It will also bring a smile to your teams when they reenter the office after such a long gap. It’s a great idea to boost morale and productivity when they do return. 

Miranda Painting Is Here To Help With Repaint Jobs

No matter the size of the project, Miranda Painting can help your business. We’re experts at both interior and exterior paintings and can work around your busy schedule. Give us a call so we can plan your business colors and the scope of the project at hand. We’re excited for you to take advantage of the current times with fewer people in the offices. Call us today to start planning

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