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Texturizing a room can bring such a unique look to your home or business. Miranda Painting has master painters that are more than qualified to texturize walls to whatever pattern your heart desires. Texturing is done by applying plaster to a wall and manipulating it to create a specific aesthetic or pattern. The plaster itself is creating the pattern and texture, not the paint. Sometimes doing this requires special equipment or just some very trained hands. Texturing can do a lot to liven up that new color you picked out, or it can allow you to chose a more muted color pallet and still have a look that feels exciting and fun. Texturing your walls keeps your home or business from looking plain and ordinary. Paint is just a little more interesting when there is some texture behind it.

Common Types of Textures

  • Comb creates lines of various widths and lengths
Drywall Texture Comb
  • Popcorn works well to cover up flaws and imperfections
Drywall Texture Popcorn
  • Orange Peel dimpled texture that resembles an orange peel
Drywall Texture Orange Peel
  • Knockdown adds more dimension, similar to orange peel
Drywall Texture Knockdown
White Surface wall color texture pattern background abstract,plaster texture floor, copy space for text,Concrete background gray suitable for use in vintage style.

Warranties and Financing

We want to make sure that you receive quality support and quality results on your new renovation project. Miranda Painting is all about giving your home and business a new look and aesthetic that will last for years and years, which is why we offer a five-year warranty for all of our services. We also understand that big home renovations projects can be overwhelming to handle all at once. Don’t worry, we have financing options available. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our warranties or any concerns in regards to our financing options. We know that all of this can be really stressful, but we will work with you the best we can. Don’t let any hesitations keep you from trying to achieve something that can help improve the look and feel of your home or business.

Contact Us!

We understand that hiring a contractor for texturing service or any other kind of home renovation, is kind of a big deal. Allow us to take some of the pressure off of making such a big decision. Our master painters are more than qualified to handle texturing your walls. Take that next big step and give us a call at (915) 598-5730.

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