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Elastomeric paint is something not a lot of people are aware of or have heard about, but many buildings have been benefiting from this coating material for some time now. Elastomeric paint helps to cover cracks in stucco houses, as well as preventing future cracks which, in turn, prevents water damage, cracking, and weathering from dry heat or cold weather. Elastomeric also serves the purpose of helping insulate the houses or buildings.

Elastomeric is a type of paint or paint coating that helps protect your walls from moisture. It hasn’t been around for all that long, but it has slowly become a more popular option in painting residential and commercial properties throughout the last few decades. It is a lot thicker than regular paint and doesn’t spread quite as thin either. Not many people are willing to work with elastomeric paint, and it is important that if you decide to use it for your commercial or residential property, that you hire a professional to obtain the best possible results.

What is Elastomeric For?

Elastomeric can essentially be applied to any wall or surface. The tricky part is that it is a lot thicker than paint, but it is also very flexible. It is perfectly ideal for waterproofing and protecting your surfaces while also looking beautiful.

The Benefits of Elastomeric

Not many realize that paint does more than just make your walls and other surfaces look pretty. Painting a surface also partially protects it. Elastomeric offers a lot more protection to your walls than regular paint does. First of all, elastomeric is watertight.
This substance is great at keeping away moisture that can damage your walls and property. This does a lot in preventing water damage which can you many in repairs for years to come. Elastomeric is also bendable. This means that it will not crack or break as walls shift with climate changes.

The Best Elastomeric Application in El Paso

Elastomeric has plenty of benefits and can last a lot longer than regular paint, but it is required that you have a professional apply it. Elastomeric does not apply like regular paint. It is much thicker in viscosity, which makes it very hard to work with. For the best results possible, even with regular paint, it’s best to hire a professional but it is especially important when working with elastomeric paint. Elastomeric requires experience and patience. Our master painters have decades of experience and are more than qualified to handle all of your elastomeric paint needs.

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