Pros And Cons of Tile, Wood, and Carpet Flooring

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When looking at moving into a new place or even thinking about some home upgrades, you have a lot of options. However, when did you ever consider that your floors need an uplift? Floor options come in waves, from what’s suitable for your area and lifestyle to pricing to aesthetic. Narrowing it down to one or two possibilities helps, but then you face style, design, and more! It’s no easy feat to choose the perfect flooring for your home. Take a step back, and let’s look at the various options you have when choosing the new most visible layer of your home.

Most Popular Flooring Options 

Tile, wood, and carpet maintain as the top options for in-house flooring. Each one has its pros and cons, but it mostly comes down to where you live and what lifestyle you have to make one benefit more than the others. When it comes down to choosing an upgrade, or maybe you’re moving into a home with a different kind of flooring, consider some of the differences! Floors can represent your home life, or maybe change it into something you’re much more comfortable with having! 

Hardwood Flooring 

Why not start with the original classic flooring option? Hardwood flooring comes as the most wanted home flooring option, with good reason. It’s a classy look, even if it’s a little beat up. It’s an excellent investment, and you have options of what kind of wood would look best in your home. If you’re looking to increase your home resale value, wood flooring will definitely help. It serves as a great way to keep the insulation at home, and it’s simple to get clean.

Sweeping, vacuuming, or using a wood cleaner can keep them clean, and if properly cared for, they’ll last a lifetime. After a while, if the flooring gets a bit beat up, you can easily get a repair service done to take care of them. 

As appealing as they come off, wood floors can get damaged by scratches, water, or other staining liquids. This can mean more maintenance and caution when living with them. If you apply a protective coating to your floors, it can make them shiner, more resistant, and durable. Although keeping some lovely rugs under your furniture can keep your floors alive much longer. 

Tile Flooring 

You could go with tile as a more practical and simple way to upgrade your flooring. There’s plenty of design choices for tile. You can go with various colors, patterns, both artistic and natural. Ceramic tiles can work well for bathrooms and kitchens, while vinyl tile can fill the rest of your home or business.

It’s the easiest flooring to clean and keep up with maintenance wise. Here too, you have options for a glossy or matte finish. They’re extremely durable and can do well in a home with children or pets. Even in high traffic areas in your home, you won’t see wear and tear as quickly or often like wood or carpet flooring. 

The downside of tile flooring is how slippery they get, no matter how wet or dry. They also stay pretty cold in the winter. So prepare for chills in the winter and don’t slip when wearing socks around the house! You also need to remember that they are tough, so they’ll break whatever falls before you break the tile.

Carpet Flooring

Carpets are a standard in most homes. Although even if you have carpet in most of your home, your kitchen and bathroom will most likely have tile in them. You still have a wide variety of carpeting options, but not nearly as many as tile. It’s a great warm option and can help keep the insulation in better than any other flooring option. By far, the softest and will help absorb sound, unlike tile or wood flooring.

If you enjoy the barefoot life at home, carpet stands as the best option. Stains can be challenging to remove, though. Maintenance requires a vacuum, and depending on the living situation, and you may need an at-home carpet cleaner as well. If anything unwanted hits the carpet, it may be there for a good while. Depending on the style of carpet you choose, it can also easily look very dated. As cozy as a carpet seems, the maintenance behind it makes it much more inconvenient than other options.

What’s next? 

Wood and tile floors are definitely our favorites in this bunch. That’s why we offer both options to install at your home! When trying to decide about which flooring suits your family best, consider your budget, if you have children or pets, and your climate. These can all play important factors in what will be the easiest to maintain for a long time. For any questions on our installation or repair services, give us a call today!

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