Paint is More Than Just a Color: A Master Painter Explains Why

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Paint, by definition, is a pigmented substance that dries in thin coats as a colorful addition to any surface. To many people, paint is just a color. The only thing that there is to consider is what color would match the furniture the best or what shade best suits the mood of the room. The Miranda Painting team is here to tell you that it is time to stop thinking of paint as just a pretty pigment. It does a lot more for your home or business than just make it look nice. We don’t mean to make the process of picking out paint for your interiors and exteriors more difficult, but there is a lot more to consider than just color when it comes to painting. 

The Environment Matters

Paint needs a surface to stick to. When you apply paint, it needs to be able to actually stay on your walls, and for a pretty long time too. Your home or business doesn’t need to have chipped or peeling paint throughout its walls and outside. You don’t want guests walking into your home or place or business to see it looking worn down, and all because you chose the wrong kind of paint. Different kinds of surfaces require different kinds of primers and paints. In fact, primer is another detail that requires quite a bit of consideration. Primer needs to stick to your walls and the paint needs to stick the primer. So, you will need to pick out paint and primer that will properly adhere to the surface that you wish to paint. By making the right choices, the proper paint job should last about 5 or more years.

You also need to think about how much the paint will be exposed to the elements, how much disarray they will be exposed to, and how much traffic the area you’re painting typically sees in a day. Rooms that have more visitors and where people spend more time require a paint that has more durability and that is easier to clean. A kitchen, for example, is a place where lots of people go all the time and always has some sort of mess going on, so it’s important that you chose a paint that is easy to clean and is also durable to moisture. On the opposite end of the spectrum, you have bedrooms. Bedrooms experience far less foot traffic so you don’t necessarily need to pick something as durable than you would for a kitchen or bathroom.

Paint is also meant, in many ways, to protect your walls. Paint can greatly protect your walls from scuffs and moisture. Instead of having to make a difficult drywall repair, you can just repaint the wall. It serves as something that is both practical and stylish. A good paint should last about 5 years or so without any chipping, peeling or other kinds of damage.

You also have to consider the climate that you live in if you decide to paint any outdoor substance. Again, paint also works to protect the walls of your property. Does it rain a lot in your area? It is always dry? Is it sunny? Is it freezing cold all the time? You need to choose a paint that works well with the climate that you live in. For the hot and dry El Paso climate, Miranda Painting tends to lean towards brands like Sherwin Williams and Dunn-Edwards.

Appropriate Aesthetics Are Awesome 

The entire look that you want to go for is very important and you don’t want to pick something that will look inappropriate. A professional office probably shouldn’t look like a child’s bedroom. Paint isn’t as temporary as many people think it is. If you ever decide that you do not like the color that you have already painted your walls, it can be difficult to paint over it or remove it. Even choosing a paint color is a lot to think about. Deciding what shade of blue goes best with your new expensive couch is a very lengthy process for some people, and that is completely understandable. Colors make impressions and set the mood as to how you want the room to feel. For example, you might want a cool-toned green or blue to create a relaxing mood for your living room as opposed to a bright red that might subconsciously increase stress and excitement. Our master painters here at Miranda Painting can offer their educated opinions as to what might be most suited for the aesthetic that you want to have. 

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Choosing what colors to paint your walls in your home or business is no easy job. There are lots of things that need to be considered, as mentioned above. Hiring a painting contractor can help you by giving you their professional option is the best option for you, and we have plenty of master painters that are willing and ready to do just that! Miranda Painting is ready to help you in whatever way that we can. Give us a call at (915) 598-5730, today.

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