Coatings: Why You Need this Protective Material to Complete Your Flooring 

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Renovating your home or commercial property calls for looking into news ways you can add life and rejuvenation to your space, both inside and out. A whole new floor is intended to help you achieve exactly that. Treating your home to a new floor is, undeniably, a satisfying and rewarding feeling. With time, you might begin to notice some wear and tear and the fading of the colors on your flooring. Oftentimes, this can be due to the amount of contact that your floor makes with whoever travels through your property. Flooring materials, as much as they act as a  base for our homes, can completely offset the entire look and youthfulness of your property. Thankfully, professional teams such as Miranda Painting, offer materials and coatings that carry protective-agents to extend the lifetime of your floors. We explore the many ways that a floor coating can help you achieve your renovation goals and more! 

High Shine, Durable Coating 

One of the easiest and cost-efficient ways to add shine to your floors is through a coating. Some coatings that offer protection may be more costly and require more than just one purchase of the product to accomplish the job. Meanwhile, the coatings offered at Miranda Painting can be seen as an all-in-one material for flooring, as it provides both exceptional shine and protection, simultaneously. These coatings are often more effective on deep, rich colors such as cherrywood and rich brown hues. If your interior or exterior design is crucial to your everyday life, you’ll definitely want to consider including a coating for your soon-to-be new floors. 


Much like any other surface, the floorboards or flooring material within your property can be scratched or easily scraped. This can vary based on how regularly people are passing through and which areas are highly-touched. A coating is the key to protecting your floors from erosion, scratches, and scrapes. Usually, these details can are more often seen on hardwood floors. If your property is fulfilled with hardwood floors, owners are highly recommended to take up a coating, especially after the material is installed. Smudging, streaks, and other marks are less likely to build on your floors with the help of a coat. 

Highlighting the Details 

If you’re an admirer of specific types of flooring, such as porcelain or natural stone tile, it’s likely that you’re well aware of the details that make these materials so special. A coating is guaranteed to enhance the details and colors of your flooring, from in between the crevices to the extravagant creases of the stone or wood material! Highlighting the details can help your floors go from looking dull and lifeless to drawing the attention of your guests. Some homeowners admit to taking up floor coatings due to the fact that the material may look “cheap” without it. If you have an eye for the little things, a floor coating is bound to satisfy you. 

An Environmentally-Friendly Choice 

In addition to the durability and the resistance that a floor coating provides, they are also an environmentally-friendly product for renovations! Epoxy flooring is a coating that is formulated with natural marble and organic resins to accomplish shine and to add a protective shield, all while helping you reduce your environmental impact. No solvents are included in epoxy flooring. 

Ease of Cleaning

Maybe you’ve been hesitant with investing in new floors along with a coating. This fear is often rooted in parents who have smaller children that adore the outdoors and bring the dirt and grime in with them. With a floor coating, there is no need to worry! Floor coatings are designed to make your cleaning duties much more effortless thanks to the incredibly smooth texture it provides. Sweeping, mopping, and getting rid of dirt can all be done with ease when you apply a coat to your new and improved flooring! Even better, floor coatings are non-porous, meaning it is much more difficult for oil, grease, and other stain-prone chemicals to get through the surface of your floors. 

The Overall Experience with Coatings 

It’s safe to say that investing in floor coatings can benefit property owners, no matter what they intend on doing with their homes or commercial facilities. Whether you plan to live, work, or sell your property, a floor coating can provide you or prospective tenants with the comfort they need to further invest and care for the property. Most importantly, investing in floor coating can help you avoid heftier expenses later on. Getting it done right the first time is possible with what floor coating has to offer. 

Let a Professional to Handle Your Floors

Here at Miranda Painting, we offer nothing but the highest quality of materials to help you achieve your goals for your home or commercial property. Contact us today to learn more about how floor coating and other projects can help manifest your ideal renovation. 

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