Designers, sitting in at a large table in a creative environment and office, surrounded by tack boards with drawings, plants and a repainted bright yellow wall
El Paso

Why NOW Is The Best Time To Repaint Your Business 

At this point, many offices won’t have their personnel return anytime soon. There’s a significant number of businesses keeping employees at home until there’s a COVID vaccination. If that’s the case, it could be until next year that you head into the offices again with a full staff, and that’s okay! Right now is the

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paint cans next to a few swatches

A Quick “Primer” For The Different Types of Paint 

One of the most fun (and messy) parts of getting a new home are painting. The paint you use in your home can be used to express yourself and create a certain feel for your home. Matched with interior elements like furniture and trimmings, and your home will have a concrete style and personality that

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