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El Paso

Pros And Cons of Tile, Wood, and Carpet Flooring

When looking at moving into a new place or even thinking about some home upgrades, you have a lot of options. However, when did you ever consider that your floors need an uplift? Floor options come in waves, from what’s suitable for your area and lifestyle to pricing to aesthetic. Narrowing it down to one

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Designers, sitting in at a large table in a creative environment and office, surrounded by tack boards with drawings, plants and a repainted bright yellow wall
El Paso

Why NOW Is The Best Time To Repaint Your Business 

At this point, many offices won’t have their personnel return anytime soon. There’s a significant number of businesses keeping employees at home until there’s a COVID vaccination. If that’s the case, it could be until next year that you head into the offices again with a full staff, and that’s okay! Right now is the

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paint cans next to a few swatches

A Quick “Primer” For The Different Types of Paint 

One of the most fun (and messy) parts of getting a new home are painting. The paint you use in your home can be used to express yourself and create a certain feel for your home. Matched with interior elements like furniture and trimmings, and your home will have a concrete style and personality that

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